Guangzhou has many faces


Before the advent of Guangzhou, there was a small village in this place. And people were constantly starving in it. In response to the prayers of the inhabitants, the gods descended from heaven on 5 goats. There were ears of rice in the mouths of the animals. With these ears, the inhabitants escaped hunger and sowed the fields. That is why Guangzhou is also called Suicheng (the city of rice ears). Or Yangcheng (city of goats).


Guangzhou is as significant a city as Beijing and Shanghai. Like Beijing, this city has a rich centuries-old history. Because it was founded in 862 BC. e.

Start your journey through this city from the area called Yuexiu. The park is here. Where the statue of five goats is located, which was installed only in 1959. However, this is not all worth going to this part of the city. The park itself is considered the best place to relax. Because there are lakes, greenhouses, tea houses on the territory. So you can enjoy the surrounding landscape and relax.

In the same area is the famous Orchid Garden. It is a favorite place not only for tourists but also for locals. On the territory of almost 8 hectares, there are more than a hundred species of orchids that grow along paths and waterfalls.

In another popular tourist area in Lebanon, you can visit the Cheng Clan Academy. This academy was founded to prepare clan members for public service. But over time, the public system of China has undergone changes, and the academy has become a clan member training school, and then converted into a folk art gallery.

The area of ​​the academy is more than 13 square meters. meters. The academy itself consists of 19 buildings, 9 ceremonial halls and 6 courtyards. They are interconnected by a system of corridors and it is worth visiting the academy from the main entrance-corridor. This entrance is decorated with statues of river gods, carvings in the form of flowers and figures. Each hall of the academy has its own history and unique design of supporting columns or carvings of stone, wood and brick, or memorial tablets and much more. Also at the academy you can enjoy theatrical performances of folk legends.


For fans of shopping, the Tanhe area is suitable. 4 of the coolest shopping centers are waiting for you here: Tianhe, Plaza, Mopark and La Perle. In each of them you will find a huge variety of shops not only with European, but also with Chinese brands, as well as entertainment and restaurants. In the first half of July, a seasonal summer sale begins. And also on Labor Day, before the New Year and in honor of Education Day.

Guangzhou residents are famous for eating everything in a row. It can be dishes from snails, insects, snakes, etc., but if you are not ready for such a tasting, then it is not necessary to try.
Of the famous dishes here you can try “Xu Mei” – a barbecue made of Pork or duck with sweet and sour sauce, as well as “Dimsam” – a huge variety of appetizers on a thin crust that bring with the same large teapot of tea.
However, the cuisine here can be found not only purely Cantonese, but also European, Japanese, Russian and much more. There are a variety of eateries on the streets for quick snacks.

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