Sights of London

London has a history spanning nearly two millennia, and during this time the city has undergone changes that have influenced architectural ensembles, buildings and cultural centers.

London’s top attractions

The first mentions date back to 43 BC. e., however, there is a legend that on the site of this city the very first settlement was Troia Nova, created by Brutus of Trojan, but archaeological finds that would confirm this fact were not found. However, archaeologists still managed to get their hands on some evidence that London was a settlement with a few scattered houses, was a rural area and at the same time was a commercial center. Over the years, the city has changed, castles and churches were built, in the Victorian and Renaissance epochs such buildings appeared that are still considered historical value, parks and gardens were also formed, in which statues were successfully erected. It is worth considering the main sights of London, which still breathe the history of a magnificent, powerful city.

1. Palace of Westminster and Big Ben

Westminster Palace is not only the Parliament building (from the 16th century, until the 11th century, the residence of the royal family), but also one of the most luxurious architectural ensembles in London, which the British they are rightly proud, and tourists admire. The palace became the building of parliament after a fire, as a result of which only Westminster Hall and the Tower of Jewels, which housed the treasury of King Edward III, survived. The medieval building stretches for three hundred meters along the left bank of the River Thames, has impressive dimensions and includes palace towers, one of which is a clock.  Palace of Westminster

The Clock Tower is known worldwide under a different name – Big Ben. It is believed that the tower got its name from the bell inside. It is the bell that bears this name, which appeared in honor of Sir Benjamin Hall, who supervised the casting, while the weight of the bell exceeds 13 tons. Now Big Ben is rightfully considered the hallmark of London, it is this clock tower that is drawn on all postcards in Great Britain, but it will not work to climb the observation deck, since only the British can visit the tower, presenting their passport, tourists are not allowed to enter.

Big Ben

2. Tower of London

This magnificent cube-shaped building is currently a royal residence, where there are even rooms and apartments for dignitaries. However, it was the Tower that for a long time held the title of the most famous prison in England. It is believed that the founder was William the Conqueror, who built a castle from stone on the site of the remains of a fortress built by the ancient Romans. The Tower was overgrown with legends and myths, where the myth of crows became the main thing; it is for these birds that special care has been assigned to this day, since with the disappearance of these birds, according to legends, England will disappear. Today, the building has preserved armor, weapons, instruments of execution, jewelry, sets, furniture; ancient parts have survived, such as the “Gate of the Traitors”, the Slender Cube of the Tower, and the White Tower. The Tower receives over a million tourists annually.

Tower of London

3. Buckingham Palace

Official residence of monarchs when the monarch is inside. The royal standard flutters over the building. However, originally the palace was not a palace and certainly was not the residence of monarchs. Initially, the Buckingham house was built for the Duke of Buckingham, then King George III acquired it as a residence, and his son decided to make the house a palace, but he was not destined to see the end of the formation of the palace. The palace has retained its architectural characteristics; the decoration can rightfully be called royal. The building has preserved a huge number of rooms, which contain paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens, Faberge eggs, royal diamonds, emeralds and other jewelry that will delight every connoisseur of history and culture. An interesting enough event every day is the changing of the guard – the imperturbable clear movements of the guards in the form of a whole ceremony delight!

Buckingham Palace

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