Sights of Warsaw

All the sights of Warsaw can not be seen over the weekend. So we offer three locations that deserve your attention in the first place.

Sights of Warsaw

Sights of Warsaw Here, old quarters coexist with modern buildings and stadiums, and the number of interesting places will impress even a seasoned tourist. In order to make rational use of time on a trip, you should plan in advance what to see in Warsaw. We recommend three sights of Warsaw, visiting which will give an unforgettable experience:

  • Warsaw Zoo,
  • Palace wagging,
  • Royal Lazienki Park.

Sights of Warsaw – Warsaw Zoo

Sights of Warsaw - Warsaw Zoo 90 years of existence, 40 hectares of territory, more than 5 thousand animals and 10 thousand fish – Warsaw Zoo. Here are collection of animals and birds from all over the world. For example kangaroos, giraffes, lynxes, penguins, hippos, elephants, antelopes, flamingos and others. Also many of them are depicted on souvenir coins that can be sent to friends. Delivery from Poland will help to carry it out.

The zoo has an amazing story. During the Nazi occupation of Poland, animals that did not die during the bombing, had a different fate. Representatives of rare species were taken to the zoos of Germany. German soldiers hunted some of them. Others became dinners of citizens dying of starvation. Therefore only a few were saved. Empty enclosures became a haven for 300 Jews, whom the director of the zoo, Jan Zhabinsky, took out from the ghetto, risking his own life. You can touch this story by visiting the house-museum of the Zhabinsky, which is located on the territory of the zoo.

Sights of Warsaw – Wilanów Palace

Sights of Warsaw - Wilanów Palace As often happens in the history of mankind, love becomes a source of inspiration. It was the love of the beautiful Maria Casimire that inspired Jan III Sobieski to build a beautiful palace. Engineer Alexander Lotstsi began construction of a suburban residence in the French style. But after four years, it was decided to transform Wilanów Palace into a luxurious suburban residence. Outstanding French and Italian architects worked on the realization of this plan, and Michelangelo Palloni turned the walls and ceilings into a work of art. During world wars, when human life cost nothing, art was even less appreciated. By 1945, only one-fifth of the interior design remained intact. Over time, the palace was partially restored, the stolen valuable paintings and objects were returned. Therefore today the palace is the most valuable example of baroque architecture in Europe.

Sights of Warsaw – Royal Lazienki Park

Sights of Warsaw - Park Royal Lazienki On the map of the city, the park appeared in the 18th century, and received its name from the bathing complex (the Polish version – Lazienka), which is located on its territory. Also the park of amazing beauty hides in the verdure of its leaves no less amazing facilities – the embodiment of craftsmanship and taste.

The most interesting of them are:

  • Palace on the water (the bathing complex);
  • The Royal Castle, which now is a museum;
  • Amphitheater near the water;
  • Myslevitsky Palace;
  • Pomarancharni (a place for growing orange trees).

But here you can not make noise, ride bikes, scare birds or make a noisy fun. Because people go here in search of silence, a sense of harmony and unity with nature, aesthetic pleasure through creation. Locals know other places of interest in Warsaw, but the Royal Lazienki is the “happiest place” of the native city.

Enough to see these sights of Warsaw and you will certainly love the beautiful city on the Vistula.

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