US Embassies in Ukraine

US Embassies

The US Embassy is essentially a diplomatic authority that represents the interests of the United States of America in another country, in our case, Ukraine. Also, often the US embassy means the building itself, in which all branches of the embassy’s administration are located. The head is considered the representative of America – the ambassador. Also many believe that the first official US embassy began its work in Ukraine after its independence was proclaimed in 1991. But in fact, the representation of US interests in Ukraine appeared much earlier.

As early as 1917, the first embassy of the United States of America in Ukraine began to function. This happened at the time of the Ukrainian People’s Republic. And, moreover, there were two whole embassies, one in the city of Kiev, and the other in Odessa. As for the capital, the ambassador was Dagles Jenkins. But in the beautiful sea city of Odessa – John Ray.

In 1918, the embassy ceased its activities and resumed as a general embassy only in 1976 and until 1980. At that time, the ambassador was Robin Porter.

US Embassy in independent Ukraine

Subsequently, the current format of the embassy of the United States of America began its activities after the declaration of independence of Ukraine in 1992. And the embassy general resumed operations immediately in 1991.

At the moment, the US Embassy in Ukraine operates exclusively in the capital of our state – Kiev. The building is a whole complex that combines not only the solution of state issues, but also the cultural heritage of two states: Ukraine and the United States of America.

Who is part of the US Embassy?

As already mentioned, the head is the representative of the United States of America – the ambassador. Also, to perform certain tasks there is an OMS Ambassador. Subsequent embassy staff can be identified in certain subgroups.


  • For trade matters.
  • Agricultural matters.
  • For Security.
  • Press attaché.


  • Political affairs.
  • For economic affairs.
  • In civil matters.


  • Management.
  • Financial Management.
  • Information Management.
  • Counterintelligence (regional).
  • General Services.
  • For Cultural Issues


  • From countries of the peace corps.
  • USAID missions in Moldova, the Republic of Belarus and, accordingly, in Ukraine.

Heads and other representatives:

  • Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Security Risk Reduction Office.
  • Law Enforcement Section.
  • And also the consul general.
  • Representative of the diplomatic mission.

US embassies have a similar composition in other states of the world.

What functions does it perform for Ukrainians?

So the fact that the embassy is necessary to protect the interests of US citizens is clear. But also, the embassy performs a number of functions for citizens of Ukraine. And the most important is getting a visa to enter the United States of America. It is in the embassy that all interviews, receptions are held and a decision is made on whether a visa will be issued.

The same applies to interviews in case of winning a Green Card. The US government is very responsible for the entry into America of citizens of other countries. This also applies to tourist trips, and workers, and even entry for a residence permit. There are US embassies around the world, as many want to leave for such a huge country like America, and besides, it is important for the United States that its citizens be protected in other countries.

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