What souvenirs to bring from China

This question plagues travelers even before the trip and can even cloud some part of the trip. But, in order to understand what to bring from China, it is enough to have an idea of ​​what this country is famous for.

Souvenirs from China

1. Tea

This answer will not surprise you at all if you remember where the tea-drinking ceremony comes from. A lot is connected with this drink in the culture of the country, and you can find tea here for every taste and budget. Green tea is easy to find. And those who are looking for black tea should remember that in China it is called red. You can buy tea in a pretty package, or by weight. Buy also goods for the tea ceremony, and at home you will have everything to embody one of the best traditions of the Celestial Empire. You can look at any products of this category in the markets, for example, if you are in Shanghai, visit the Tien Shan market, in Chengdu – Wukuaishi, and in Beijing – Maliandao.

2. Silk

And this is also a fairly obvious answer, because from the lessons of history you probably remember that it was in China that the “Great Silk Road” began. The choice of prices, and the products themselves, is great. You can find anything from silk, from bed linen to wallets. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the silk itself. The cheaper it is, the less complaints should be made about the quality and size of the used piece of fabric. Silk products are sold in China, almost everywhere. But if you are interested in traditionally made products, including clothing, then it is best to ask your guide about the place of sale.

3. Decorations

And the most traditional thing that comes to mind is jade jewelry. It is this material that is considered traditional for making beads and figurines. Near the temples, you can always find on sale any jewelry made of silver and stones. Tibetan-style bracelets and beads are also easy to find in markets and tourist souvenir shops. When looking at jewelry made of stones, it is important to distinguish natural from artificial material, then they will delight their owner for a long time.

4. Chopsticks

Even if you do not know how to eat with chopsticks, pay attention to this cutlery. The variety of types and materials of manufacture will help you choose a good souvenir for loved ones, fully conveying the spirit and traditions of China. In addition to the chopsticks, you can always choose a bowl for food. And if the person to whom the souvenir is addressed does not ideally own chopsticks, pay attention to the chopsticks connected at the top. Since this will greatly facilitate the practice of their application.

5. Products in the cloisonne technique

Do you know what a cloisonne is? This is not yet a reason to refuse a purchase! Products made in the technique of Chinese cloisonné enamel, namely this technique is hidden under a mysterious word, you can certainly find elsewhere, but the best ones are made in China. Any retail outlet offers goods in this technique, from vases to jewelry. Remember that not every market can offer quality, and if you intend to choose an exquisite and high quality product to show off to your friends, it is best to consult your guide.

6. Chinese knots

If you are looking for souvenirs for a large group of friends, you should pay attention to Chinese knot weaving. In terms of cost, this is the most suitable option as a worthless, no-obligation souvenir. However, the variety of forms in this case will satisfy anyone. By the way, do you know that these traditional knots have their own meaning?

7. Calligraphy

This souvenir is perfect for those who dream of originality. Chinese calligraphy has long been called a brand. Any inscriptions can be made, from your own name to an important word for a particular person. You can choose the font you want: official, formal, fluent, italic, just like the material for the inscription.

8. Alcoholic drinks

Lovers of spirits can buy baijiu as a souvenir. This is an analogue of rice-based vodka. With the participation of this drink, you can arrange a real Chinese party. The cost of rice vodka in shops in China varies significantly, since, just like in European culture, there are elite varieties of it, for example, Maotai.

9. Masks

If Masks do not seem to you such a traditional souvenir of China, then think about the opera. It is here that masks are a traditional element, be it Peking Opera or Sichuan Opera with a magical face change. If a visit to the opera is included in your cultural program, bring a mask with a traditional painting as a souvenir, it will fit into any interior and will attract the attention of guests with its uniqueness.

10. Souvenirs with Mao

Mao Zedong has long been one of the most recognizable symbols of China. This means that souvenirs with him will be at every step. From badges to clothing. Mao’s image can be found everywhere, markets are full of variety: posters, dishes and even lighters.
These are only the most popular souvenirs that can be brought from China to remember the trip and delight your friends and loved ones. But, if you know the history deeper and have your own ideas of what to bring from China, the guide will always be able to help.

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