Delivery of goods from Taobao

Delivery of goods from Taobao to Ukraine

The huge Chinese Internet hypermarket Taobao is a shopaholic’s dream. This resource is known in Ukraine and all over the world primarily for the fact that it is replete with high-quality wonderful goods and no less wonderful prices for them. Here you can buy everything, and moreover, it is much cheaper than at other similar sites. Read more about delivery of goods from Taobao.

What you can choose and buy on Taobao

The range of products in Taobao Online Store is amazing. Moreover, in the catalog you can find a wide variety of goods. And not only new ones, but also used ones, produced in different countries of the world.

You can choose items of excellent quality at the lowest price, and these are not only shoes, clothes (often replicas of well-known brands), everyday goods, but also massive wooden furniture, car equipment.

Shopping on Taobao is more profitable than in Ukrainian stores, where margins can be very large.

Popular products that may interest the buyer:

  • a variety of technology, electronics (including computers, the latest gadgets);
  • furniture for home and office, of various sizes;
  • all-season footwear, clothing, underwear, all kinds of hats (for men, women and children), accessories (bags, belts, wallets);
  • bed linen;
  • household goods (dishes, household appliances, textiles, decor, etc.);
  • perfumery and cosmetics;
  • jewelry, bijouterie;
  • sports goods;
  • food;
  • machine tools, equipment for various industries and other equipment.

The number of product names presented on the site is expressed in six-digit numbers.

You can make purchases on Taobao with or without an intermediary.

Quite recently, only residents of the Middle Kingdom used this online store. And in order to buy something for a foreigner, it was necessary to involve an intermediary.
For those who do not want to deal with a tricky system of purchases and delivery, it is more convenient to use this service. Now there is a choice – dispensing with third parties, you can save 10-15% on purchases. See “ Taobao without intermediaries “.

Many who are accustomed to making purchases on Taobao as before, with an intermediary – appreciate the service – it is convenient, fast, reliable. Intermediaries help in the selection of goods, pay for the purchase on the spot, provide escort, paperwork. And resolve all issues related to customs. If there are problems with the return of goods, suddenly a defect is discovered – to settle such misunderstandings is also their concern.

How to shop on Taobao yourself

The algorithm of actions almost does not differ from those on other Internet sites:

  1. Find Taobao – the official website, register on it by entering the requested data (available not only in Chinese, but also in English). You can use a google translator.
  2. Enter the delivery address.
  3. We select a product – either through a search, or find it on the main page.  Then we send it to the basket. We select and mark the company that resends the order.
  4. We pay for the order (you can use Master Card, Visa).
  5. Then the order is dispatched, the cost of international shipping is determined and paid.

For more information on how to proceed when buying a large number of goods and combine them into one package, see the detailed descriptions on the website.

Everything selected for shipment abroad in China is collected in a special large warehouse, from which it will then be sent to the addressees.

It is not difficult to choose a product on the website of the Internet resource, we use Taobao in Russian.

Buying a product with an intermediary

  1. Select the desired product on the Taobao website.
    We pass information about it to the intermediary, who will check the availability of the entire selected assortment, solve any questions that have arisen.
  2. We make an advance payment in the amount equal to the order value plus 10 percent (approximately) – for payment to the intermediary and for delivery in China.
  3. The intermediary, having checked the quality and completeness, buys the goods, then determines how much more to pay for the weight, add customs costs, delivery costs.
  4. The last stage is the formation of the package and sending to the addressee.

Delivery of goods from Taobao to Ukraine is carried out in any convenient way.

From most online stores located in China, purchases take a long time to deliver due to the long distances. If a trusted company is engaged in logistics, these terms are reduced. Since there are usually warehouses in China, the delivery process is fine-tuned, and you can receive an order in a matter of days.

During the crisis, such a type of business as the resale of popular, in-demand goods from Chinese stores is relevant. You can create your own website, study the sales market and buy, for example, gadgets for cars, some accessories – whatever you want.
Before placing an order on Taobao, you need to decide who will best handle the delivery and choose a reliable logistics company.

In Time delivery from China to Ukraine

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