Best smartphones from China

Smartphones from China

When compiling the rating (Best smartphones from China 2020), the preferences expressed by the majority of buyers were taken into account. The buyer needs a smartphone with good memory and a capacious battery, a decent camera and good performance. The appearance should have such an attractiveness that even the most demanding user will accept. Now you can go directly to the rating.

Apple iPhone Xr 64GB

A phone with an “apple” brand deserves a leading position in this rating. The purpose of the manufacturer is to improve its products. This fully applies to this model. The front of the device is exclusively represented by sensors. And the back surface has not changed. The main camera is located in the upper corner. In the center there is a logo, shimmering with paints of all colors.

6.1-inch screen. The battery is a lithium-ion battery. Camera has a resolution of 12 megapixels. The smartphone is equipped with a mass of sensors. You can see the pressure, illumination, and other parameters. There is a built-in compass.
If you buy a device in the online store “Rozetka“, the phone will cost the buyer about 20 thousand hryvnia.

Samsung Galaxy S10e 6 / 128GB

This device is ranked second in the ranking. The work is provided by an eight-core Samsung processor. Operating system Android 9.0. A 3100 Ah battery is used as a power source. It charges very quickly. The gadget has a 16 and 12 megapixel dual camera. An addition is autofocus.

This phone will cost the buyer approximately UAH 16 thousand according to Hotline .

Apple iPhone Xs 64GB

The device takes an honorable third place. The appearance has a fairly good appeal. And the body is slightly thickened. This is characteristic of any model in this series. There’s even a speaker and a camera on the touchscreen. From the back and sides, everything is traditional. The camera is located in the upper corner, and a logo flaunts in the center of the back cover. This device has an operating system iOS 12. The screen with a diagonal of 5.8 inches. This device has a dual camera of 2 and 12 megapixels. The battery cannot be removed. One charge lasts for 60 hours of device operation.

The average cost of a smartphone is 20 thousand hryvnia.


Phone with rounded corners and strictly rectangular shape. The back surface has 3 colors and a fingerprint sensor. Screen 6.1. inch. Main camera resolution 40; 16 and 8 Mp. The battery charges quickly and does not seem weak.

The price of devices varies from 17 thousand hryvnia.

Samsung Galaxy A70

According to user reviews, the device ranks fifth in the rating. The appearance and characteristics of the device are in complete order. This phone screen is large. The matte cover is where the vertical flash camera is located.
Also smartphone supports two SIM cards. The internal memory is 128 GB. The smartphone has a triple camera. It also has a powerful 4500mAh battery.

The price is from 7 thousand hryvnia.

It is worth noting that when ordering even a small batch of smartphones from our company, the cost of any model will be much less than the above amounts.

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