Shopping in Vietnam

Shopping in Vietnam is a real treasure for a tourist, because everything is very cheap there and you can combine an exotic vacation with an updated wardrobe.

Shopping in Vietnam – what are the advantages 

As already mentioned, the main advantage of shopping in Vietnam is ridiculously low prices. So, at bargain prices you can find:

  • Silk clothes
  • Beautiful Jewelery
  • luxury jewelry, especially pearls
  • Shoes
  • Ceramic products
  • Excellent souvenirs
  • works of art

In Vietnam, you can go shopping:

  • the markets – spontaneous and organized. They have a lot of souvenirs and handicrafts from local craftsmen. And on the market you can go shopping or for dinner – prepare traditional dishes right in the middle of shopping rows
  • in shopping centers and shopping malls. They open very early – at seven-eight in the morning, and work almost until midnight
  • in shops and small shops. Here you can find many exclusive things and works of art.

It is worth noting that in Vietnam there are almost no sales, and seasonal discounts are not welcome. Therefore, if you see a discounted product, carefully study it. Usually, local entrepreneurs reduce the cost, or if the product is not in demand, or if it is defective.

But you can always bargain in stores with sellers. It even needs to be done – such a local tradition. If you agree to the first price, the trader may be offended. After all, by refusing the ritual of bidding, you show disrespect to him. By the way, at the auctions it is possible to throw off the price in two-three times – sellers initially strongly overestimate it, providing obligatory bargaining.

Shopping tour in Vietnam. Where to buy what?

Shopping in Vietnam and express delivery from Vietnam goods and cargo The most interesting cities for shopping are Hanoi and Saigon. Here you can “zatar” jewelry, various equipment and clothing. You should go to Sapa if you want to buy sports goods. Local brands in quality are not inferior to the world’s most famous manufacturers. And yet in Sape a large selection of home textiles and bed linen with handmade embroidery.

For gold and silver ornaments, you will have to go to the village – in Kat (Laokai) or Chau Khe (Hai Zuong). As for natural silks – they are sold in the village of Nya Sa (Ha Nam).

In large stores there are many shopping centers. They are sold as global brands, which are sold all over the world, as well as products of local enterprises. Pay attention to the Vietnamese cosmetics – it is quite high quality and is becoming more popular.

The largest markets are in big cities. They sell everything – from copies of famous brands to trifles from the flea market. There you can in place in the workshop will be able to sew trousers or sarafan. In general, Vietnamese go to markets not so much for shopping, as for entertainment – hang out, talk with friends.

Do not be afraid to buy too much in Vietnam

By the way, do not be afraid to overdo it – you will not have to carry huge bags with you. There is such a service as express delivery from Vietnam from the logistics company. It works very simply – you make out the purchased goods in the office of the logistics company. And your cargo comes to Ukraine on the appointed day. As a rule, for express services it is only 3-5 days.

By the way, delivery from Vietnam is also available if you are not directly in the country . You can buy goods in the online store or at a wholesale supplier on-line, and arrange the transportation of your goods to Ukraine. It’s simple and safe. In addition, all documents will be processed for you.

Go on shopping in Vietnam and do not think about the little things. Trifles that will distract you from the main process.

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