Small and medium business in Poland

Business in Poland attracts many people from Ukraine and other countries. Many entrepreneurs choose this country for doing business in connection with its stability, prospects, rapid development of the economy.

Business in Poland

 Small and Medium Business in Poland It’s no secret that now there is a mass movement of migrants to a neighboring country. Many go to earnings, and some stay in a permanent place of residence. Also, businessmen, people with higher education and highly qualified specialists choose a new country for their business. This is due to a more prosperous financial situation in Poland. Start all over again, overcome the language barrier and adapt in a new country is not easy, but the experience is worth it.

In addition, many businesses are interested in this kind of business, like shipping goods from Poland . The goods have a high standard of quality and low cost. Due to the fact that the country is located close territorially, the goods come quickly, and the country’s membership in the European Union guarantees the safety of the cargo and the return of money in case of force majeure.

Express delivery from Poland includes such small items as clothes, shoes, cosmetics and food products, as well as any bulky goods such as:

  • cars and other vehicles,
  • agricultural machinery,
  • industrial equipment,
  • technology and electronics, including large-sized.

Cargoes are always insured, transportation is thought through to trifles. Therefore, the goods always arrive on time. Also, the carrier company will handle the customs clearance of the goods.

Additional services for business with Poland

  • advice on foreign trade activities,
  • money orders,
  • VAT refund,
  • multimodal transport.

Delivery from Poland includes:

  • customs clearance of goods
  • security guarantee;
  • interaction with customs;
  • preparation of financial statements;
  • storage of goods;
  • cargo consolidation.

It is worth considering the speed of delivery of the goods. It can be different. And depend on the time of preparation of the goods by the manufacturer or seller, weekends and holidays and the specifics of the goods. Sometimes the goods can be delayed, but in general shipping from Poland takes about a week. Even if there are problems with customs, the logistics company knows how to solve them in the shortest time and choose the optimal delivery route. That is why it is better to entrust the transportation of the goods of the transport company, and to obtain maximum benefits and savings.

Advice for beginners in Poland

  1. It is worth remembering that the Ukrainian market differs from Polish. Here there is a very big competition, because the market economy is more developed. Despite the competition, the risk of losing business is minimal.
  2. It is possible to involve local entrepreneurs who know the country and can give good advice to the business.
  3. Legalize the work of residents of other countries.
  4. Pay taxes on time.
  5. Learn new business directions.

Profitable business in Poland

  1. Stores selling food products. In demand in any country.
  2. Shops selling alcoholic beverages
  3. Fast food. 
  4.  Courses of Polish and English for adults and children.

In connection with mass migration to the country, such training courses are popular among the population.

  1. Manicure or massage room, beauty salon, which can pay off in the first year of work. The main condition – a good location and the right selection of personnel. The labor force is beneficial to recruit among emigrants.
  2. Stores selling the office. They are in demand at any time of the year and have demand in any neighborhood of the city. 
  3. Second-hand shops. The main thing is not to buy from Polish suppliers. It is most profitable to arrange the purchase of goods from countries bordering on Poland. Employees in such a store can be hired without work experience, respectively, the level of wages will be lower.
  4. A franchise business, such as a pharmacy, a clothing store, a professional cosmetics store, etc.

Business in Poland blurs the borders between countries and cities.

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