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A package from the United States has long become a common occurrence for Ukrainian citizens. Until recently, such a service seemed unavailable. Now, thanks to the Internet, everyone can browse America’s virtual stores. And arrange sending yourself a parcel with gifts. If you have relatives in the US, they can buy products at sales and send the package in the most profitable way. But you need to know some rules for sending goods. This will help you choose the best option. A successful choice of an intermediary is a guarantee of timely delivery of the purchase at the lowest cost.

How can I send a parcel from the USA to Ukraine

The first thing to do is to study the rules for international shipping. There are many items that will not be accepted for shipment due to the ban. Some types of goods can be sent, but in limited quantities.

If you are in no hurry, the cheapest type of delivery is by sea. But more often, fast delivery from the USA is chosen – by air. Even during a pandemic, goods in the United States can be ordered and received at short notice. This is most often within 5-7 days. It all depends on which intermediary the sender chooses.

What can be forwarded from the USA

Products that are often bought in online stores Walmart, Amazon, as well as eBay and others and sent by parcel:

  • goods of american brands
  • clothes, shoes
  • cosmetics
  • spare parts for cars
  • electronics, appliances, gadgets, etc.

After purchasing the product, you need to take care of the delivery.

Choosing a traditional type of delivery from America

In the United States, the delivery of parcels is entrusted to a special service called USPS. This is a well-known company in the States, one of the largest, not private. The delivery process continues on our territory, but this time by Ukrposhta. Both of these services are closely related to each other, they have been working for a very long time, fruitfully cooperating in the general sphere of delivery of postal parcels, various items from the USA to Ukraine, as well as from our country to the American continent.

The package from the USA is delivered by the USPS structure to the very border of Ukraine. Next comes customs control. Then the baton is passed to Ukrposhta, which delivers the parcels directly to the addressee.

The parcel will be brought home by a courier (provided that it is sent with paid express delivery), or it will arrive at the office.

Various types of receipt with a set of services are offered to choose from:

  1. For those who are economical – the first tariff, the classic version (shipping by sea).
  2. The second tariff is more expensive, but the advantage is that the delivery is faster than in the first case.
  3. And one more tariff, the so-called international express delivery. Carried out by a special enterprise. The courier will deliver the parcel with the goods right to the doorstep. All shipments of this type are, of course, tracked on the Internet.

An individual number is used to track the route of departure at the beginning of the journey on the website of the United States Postal Service, and then – “Ukrposhta”.

This is not very convenient, especially if your level of English leaves much to be desired, because the text is given without translation as it is.

What other shipping methods from the USA exist

If you are fortunate enough to have friends or family in the US, they know where and when the sales are. And they will easily choose a product at the most “pleasant” prices. It remains only to think about how best to transport it across the ocean.

The most popular delivery methods, except for the previously mentioned US government postal company:

  • In Time is an intermediary with warehouses in the USA. It will help you choose the goods, provide cargo consolidation, insurance. And take care of the documents at customs. And also provide air delivery of the parcel in 5 days.
  • New mail is a popular company with us; it will deliver goods from hundreds of virtual stores in the USA and other countries. You can create a virtual office, select a product in any online store. New mail has an extensive network of branches in Ukraine. So you can choose any nearby for delivery.
  • Meest is another courier service for sending parcels by sea or, more quickly, by air. In the first case, the cargo will be in Ukraine in 1-2 months, or even 3 months, in the second – within three weeks.
  • Boxberry – this service will ensure that the parcel is dispatched, one might say, right “to the door” or to the nearest office. The maximum box weight must not exceed fifteen kilograms. The delivery time for parcels is usually one and a half to two weeks.

A parcel from the USA is a pleasant event, a successful purchase, the main thing is to make the right choice – both the goods and a reliable, trusted logistics company that will deliver the shipment to you without any extra hassle.

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