Customs clearance of goods, cargo

Customs processing

Customs processing, is a complete stage in which the procedure of registration of goods. It is required in two cases, the first – when the cargo crosses the border, and the second, if the customs regime changes. Who performs this procedure? Usually, either the owner of the product or the broker representing it deals with it. In order for a representative to deal with this issue, it is necessary to conclude an agreement on the provision of services included in the declaration of goods.

There are certain stages of customs processing:

  • Cargo declaration is made.
  • Assignment of the HS code (commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity).
  • Cargo cost control.
  • Payment of customs fees.
  • Cargo control, as well as means of transportation (transport).

After passing through all the stages, the cargo is allowed to be used in the goods turnover in Ukraine. In this procedure, a lot of pitfalls, so it is better to do this professional.

What is included in the clearance of imports at customs?

Our company has long been on the market for the transportation of goods and large cargo. We specialize in transportation from a large number of countries around the world, such as Poland, the United States of America, China and many others. Therefore, we can perform the cleaning, regardless of the complexity.

We guarantee excellent quality services, which include:

  • Calculate the total cost of cleaning the product.
  • Making absolutely all documentation: certificates, permissions.
  • Conclusion regarding the observance of sanitary and hygienic standards.
  • By arrangement payment of fees, as well as state fees.
  • Also, storage of goods in specially equipped warehouses is organized.
  • Search for the most economical way to transport goods, as well as their customs clearance.

How to properly conduct customs clearance, where should I start this procedure?

First of all, it should be understood that the procedure of customs clearance of goods is mandatory for the transportation of any goods from another country to Ukraine. All this is described in the Customs Code of Ukraine, as well as the fact that the entire procedure for the carriage of goods through customs, should be performed only in the prescribed manner.

Most often, all stages of this formality depend on what kind of cargo it is. But, in general, to carry out this procedure, you need to: prepare a whole package of documentation that will confirm the objectives and the reasons for the import; payment of required fees as well as taxes; release of goods under the customs procedure that meets the specifics of the goods.

East European Express, due to the large amount of customs clearance carried out, many years of experience and constant, has its ideal scheme for proper customs clearance. Due to this, we can reduce the waiting time for goods at customs and avoid additional payments.

Why do I need the services of professional brokers, why you shouldn’t do this customs procedure yourself?

The legislation is quite labile, which leads to some changes in the requirements for documentation. And the procedure itself is very difficult. Therefore, the lack of knowledge of the specifics and experience, time constraints, as well as the human factor, can become a big obstacle in customs clearance.

With proper cleaning, all stages will take no more than a day, after which the goods can be sent for sale. If you do this yourself, the time frame when the shipment occurs can be significantly increased. Employees of the East European Express know absolutely all the nuances, pitfalls, innovations, so customs clearance will be smooth, easy and efficient. And thanks to legal training, all documents will be issued correctly, which guarantees the absence of problems.

Proper cleaning is the key to success, and sometimes in what form the goods will arrive to you. But, only an experienced broker will be able to conduct it properly.

Why our customs clearance, goods?

In Time has a lot of experience in customs procedures. We undertake, practically for everything, even for many groups of goods, which are deprived of the attention of other companies. All this is possible thanks to our team of highly qualified specialists who specialize in the delivery, customs clearance and even finding the right products. We have enough experience in customs clearance of various goods from most countries of the world, so your goods will arrive on time in a safe and sound.

The interests of clients are always above all for us. If you require broker services or goods transportation, you can contact us at the contacts listed on the site. All questions, our managers will answer. In Time will help to get any cargo, regardless of its country of location.

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