EU countries and their capitals

EU countries

EU countries began their existence as a union in the last century. Because it was needed for a single market economy. And also for the single currency and the possibility of entry without passport and visa control.

But which countries are in the European Union? And what is their capital? We will tell you in detail about this.

States Signatories of the 20th Century

EU countries that include How many countries are included in the European Union? Twenty eight. Firstly we will begin, perhaps, with the very first six countries and their capitals, which signed agreements on entry into the European Union on March 25, 1957:

  • France. And, of course, its beautiful capital Paris.
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands. The freedom-loving city of contrasts – Amsterdam.
  • The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The capital’s namesake, Luxembourg.
  • Italy. As the main city, here is located the majestic Rome with its incredible history.
  • The Federal Republic of Germany. Berlin, a cozy but strict city with beautiful architecture.
  • Kingdom of Belgium. Bright, juicy Brussels – has become the main among all cities.

The rest of EU countries began signing the agreement in 1973:

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Foggy London, the capital of Great Britain. But, there is one nuance, in 2017 the state began withdrawal from the European Union, the exit process should be completed in 2 years.
  • Denmark. Mysterious and fabulous Copenhagen – the capital of this beautiful country. What is most interesting, from the whole Kingdom of Denmark, only this country is in the EU, Greenland came out in 1982.
  • Ireland. The capital is Dublin County.

Secondly the states that entered the European Union in the 1980s-1990s:

  • Portugal. Hot Lisbon, knowingly became the capital – beautiful architecture and a unique history, everything about it.
  • Kingdom of Spain. Madrid is a huge administrative center and capital.
  • Hellenic Republic. Chief among all cities, Athens have become.
  • The Austrian Republic and its capital, the birthplace of great composers – Vienna, entered the EU in early 1995. </ li>
  • Finland. And, of course, Helsinki, which are located on the shores of the Baltic Sea.
  • Kingdom of Sweden. The capital of Sweden is the magnificent Stockholm.

Countries that entered the European Union in the 21st century

After that these countries most – twelve. And ten of them signed an agreement in 2004. We will show you a list of EU countries included in the two thousandth.

  • Hungary. Its capital is Budapest.
  • The Republic of Cyprus. And its beautiful sunny capital Nicosia.
  • Latvia. Beautiful Riga, known for its Riga Balsam, has become the main city.
  • Lithuanian Republic. The capital is Vilnius.
  • The Republic of Malta. Her main city is gentle Valletta.
  • The Republic of Poland. In the center of which is located Warsaw, so beloved for its ancient streets.
  • Republic of Slovenia. The capital of Ljubljana, where you can find incredible chapels.
  • Slovak Republic. The historic capital of the Hungarian kingdom and the modern capital of Slovakia.
  • Czech Republic. And the well-known beautiful city of Prague.
  • Estonian Republic. The ancient city with a long history – Tallinn, is the capital of Estonia.
  • Republic of Bulgaria. And its beautiful capital Sofia.
  • Romania. Its capital, unusual Bucharest.

Is it all in the European Union?

EU countries list, their capital, in fact, this is not quite a complete picture. In addition, there are a number of third world countries that have signed agreements with the European Union, as well as the Association Agreement. Also the list of these countries includes: Ukraine, Turkey, Montenegro, Serbia, Georgia, Israel and many others. There are 21 such states in total.

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