Japanese industry

Japanese industry – pride of the country

Japanese industry, one of the main characteristics of this amazing country. After all, it is a state with strikingly modern and advanced technologies. Japan, not only produce a unique product. But also the constant improvement of quality is important part. Therefore, you may not be faced with the fact that there will not be such a crazy variety of products as in China . But, you can definitely be sure of the quality of any product.

Japanese industry is notable for its diversity. It can be a light industry, which produces such popular cosmetic products. And maybe a heavier type of industry – the production of cars. After all, it is the machines of this eastern country that differ in special quality. Therefore, every year more and more often they are trying to purchase the product of Japanese industry. Moreover, it has become much more real thanks to logistics companies.

Automotive & Electronics

Japanese production of machines is already half a century considered the best among the rest of the countries in many respects. And many know Japan precisely because of its world famous cars. The industry associated with motor transport began its development in the second decade of the twentieth century. And in less than thirty years, the country of the rising sun began to export its cars. At the moment, the most famous brands of cars are made in Japan:

  • Toyota.Japanese Industry
  • Mitsubichi.
  • Subaru
  • Mazda.
  • Suzuki.
  • Honda.
  • Nissan.

Cars of these brands in Ukraine can be purchased in showrooms. Also, Japan often hosts auctions where you can buy a new or used car cheaply enough.

As for electronics, in the last century television equipment and receivers became the best. At the moment, among the most popular products of the electronics industry in Japan are smart home appliances, photo and video appliances. And even medical equipment. Beginning from the serious equipment and finishing with devices for hearing.

Light and pharmaceutical industry

As for light industry, Japan has long been famous for its silk products. That is why the most common areas of the textile industry, the manufacture of ceramics, accessories and more. It is important to note that it is in Japan that almost three-quarters of all light industry products are manufactured exclusively for further export. The products are characterized by high quality indicators due to the fact that they are fully automated.

As for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the light chemical industry, it is also at a high level. Japan has managed to combine the preservation of ancient traditions and robotic equipment, which helps to manufacture medicines and cosmetics of amazing quality. In addition, it is in this state that the strictest laws are in relation to sanitary standards and compliance with all production standards.

What other industries are common in Japan?

In addition to the above areas of production, it is also worth highlighting other leading areas of industry:

  • Shipbuilding industry. At the moment, Japan is exporting vessels for both cargo and personal use. They are particularly durable and also as safe as possible in all weather conditions.
  • Robotics. Robots flooded almost all production in Japan. The robots of the rising sun are popular and in demand around the world. Because everyone can find what he needs. Robot machine to the factory or robot vacuum cleaner in your apartment.
  • Petrochemical industry. Coal briquettes and petroleum gas are used for export.
  • Black and non-ferrous metallurgy. Japanese industry is also at a high level.

Japanese industry and Ukraine

To Ukraine, unfortunately, not so much export from Japan is made. This is due to rather expensive transportation. As well as difficulties with customs documentation for importing goods in large quantities. Therefore, most often you can find products of light, chemical industry, as well as electronics.

If you want to bring products made in a particular industry in Japan, it’s best to contact the shipping company. Because, it will help to get the goods in one piece and with minimum costs. Japanese industry is developing more and more every day. So have time to follow the new products if you are interested in goods from this country.

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