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The German international company Bresser Optics produces a huge selection of modern high-quality optical instruments, such as telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, telescopes, night vision devices, as well as various optical accessories and more.

Bresser produces optics of various levels of complexity within each category. Also in stock there are children’s optical devices under the special brand Bresser Junior.

But Bresser does not stop very closely following the set of advanced technologies. Thanks to which each model line is modified and improved.

Company History Bresser Optics

The history of the company began a long time ago, back in 1957. Then in Germany, the company resold such an optical device as binoculars. Also at that time head of the company was an entrepreneur Josef Bresser, who worked on the company until his death. In 1979, he died, and the company passed into the ownership of his son Rolf Bresser.

But thanks to new developments and active performance, new optical models gradually began to appear: high-end binoculars, telescopes, microscopes.

The company’s manufacturing process improved even more after reuniting with MEADE INSTRUMENTS CORP.

In 2005, the new and successful BRESSER Messier telescope series was presented for amateurs. In 2009, a new brand of EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC telescopes appeared.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the two companies, by 2003 the choice of high-quality Bresser products had rapidly expanded. Also they changed the  design and successfully presented innovative model lines. Bresser’s successes were significant, making him one of the market leaders.

Company Successes Bresser Optics

The company throughout its many years of existence (more than half a century) has been actively developing, constantly expanding its model range, therefore, today it is one of the leading suppliers of optics in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

Bresser is developing and selling state-of-the-art high-quality sports optical instruments that are equipped with decent features, which also allows products to remain competitive, affordable and of high quality.

Company Features

Huge selection of products. A wide range of products is able to satisfy any desire of a client, both an amateur and the most picky professional.

It should be noted that all optical products are designed for a wide audience, including children of all ages. Also optical devices will interest many children and allow them to make their first interesting discoveries. But clients will appreciate the selected products and will never regret their choice.

Products designed for hunting, astronomy, research observations, fishing, travel and just for relaxation

Modern design and quality assurance. All products are attractive in their appearance, developed from the best materials according to innovative and advanced technologies. Also optical devices guarantee unsurpassed high quality, manufacturability and multifunctionality, assumes a long service life. All optical devices are quite easy to use.

Introducing innovative advanced optics. Firstly the Bresser product line is always rapidly expanding, updating, changing, supplemented according to advanced technologies. Secondly each optical device surpasses in its features analogues of other manufacturers in the field of optics.

High level of warranty service. Because the company did not forget about decent service for goods with a 30 year warranty.

Bresser is one of the world’s largest companies producing high-end multifunctional optical instruments. Also its products have already established themselves throughout Europe. So choosing any product of the company, you can not worry about its high quality and durability.

High-class modern optics, simple settings, huge functionality – a combination of all these characteristics creates unrivaled product quality at affordable prices.

Today, Bresser Optics remains highly competitive in the global market in its market segment.

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