How to get a Green Card

Green Card

Many people, judging by the survey results, are ready to change their place of residence. The United States is one of the most attractive countries for immigration.

What is a Green Card and what opportunities it provides

Green Card is a plastic card with a photo and information about the date of issue and validity of the document, confirming the legality of the holder’s presence in the United States. After the card is issued, the citizen becomes a resident of the country and has the right to:

  • living in the USA;
  • free movement within the country and its borders;
  • education;
  • making any transactions that do not contradict the laws of the United States (sale and purchase, obtaining loans);
  • employment, with the exception of positions involving the processing of classified information (participation in court hearings as a jury is also excluded);
  • military service;
  • receiving retirement benefits (minimum work experience in the United States – 10 years);
  • obtaining US citizenship after 5 years in the country.

As for restrictions, the cardholder must not leave the territory of the United States for a long time and cannot participate in local elections (according to the laws established in some states).

Ways to get a Green Card

There are not so many legal ways to immigrate to the United States. The fact is that the requirements for applicants are quite strict. Here are the main options.

  1. Lottery. The Diversity Immigrant Visa is a draw that has been run by the US Department of State since 1995. 55,000 cards are drawn annually. Each participating country has a strictly limited number of visas. Applications can be submitted once a year, provided that the applicant (his parents, spouse) was born in the country that participates in the drawing. The dates for the lottery are usually announced in September, as well as the deadlines for accepting applications.
  2. Immigration through relatives. The method is suitable for those whose close relative has US citizenship. Spouses and parents receive benefits. Family members of a US citizen – children, brothers, sisters – can also apply for a green card. But in this case, the process will require a lot of time (sometimes up to 10 years) and material investments for paperwork.
  3. Investing. You can invest in the US economy an amount equal to half a million dollars (it will be necessary to provide evidence that the money was received in an honest way) and after 5 years get the right to issue a green card. The second option is to submit a business plan, during the implementation of which the investor himself and his family can live in America. The amount of investment in this case is not regulated by law.
  4. At work. Specialists in demanded specialties can receive a Green Card when moving to the United States. But for this, an American company must invite an employee and finance the payment of a labor certificate (in this case, moving with a family is possible).
  5. Political asylum and programs for gifted people. The most unreliable way to get a green card. You can get political asylum if you can prove that living in your home country is impossible. Words alone are not enough, it is necessary to provide really strong evidence. As for programs for gifted people, it is better to seek help from lawyers (the service is far from cheap).
  6. Marriage. After registering a marriage with a US citizen, the spouse is entitled to a temporary card, which is valid for 2 years. If during this time the marriage has not broken up, a permanent green card is issued. It is better not to consider the option with a fictitious marriage. The minimum that threatens a violator of the law is deportation with a life-long ban on entry into the country.

It should be understood that by becoming a resident of another country, a citizen is obliged to comply with the laws of this country, submit tax reports and pay taxes, notify the migration service of a change of residence. Men aged 18-25 must register with military conscription.

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