Intermodal transport

Intermodal transport

When the recipient does not want to spend time and resources on unloading goods, he orders intermodal transport. The delivery of goods is “door to door”. At the same time, they transport it on several vehicles (usually no more than two), but without loading and unloading. There is one waybill, so the shipper does not have to spend a lot of time on paperwork. This is beneficial for the recipient. Firstly, the goods will come faster, and secondly, in terms of price, it will be necessary to spend less. And for the safety of the cargo, you need to worry less. Since the risk of mechanical damage is reduced.

When is it profitable?

In many cases, but most often if it is impossible to deliver the goods to the recipient using one transport. Sometimes it’s too expensive, and sometimes it’s just not possible (for example, poor road surface or lack thereof). An operator helps with transportation, with which the transportation company cooperates, not the customer. But in case of loss of cargo and other situations, claims are presented to the operator. Through it, the customer can track the status of the cargo and its location. The operator also carriesout financial transactions. It should be noted that the transport used and other nuances are agreed in advance.

Cargo Status

Logisticians and the operator will evaluate the condition of the cargo in advance, tell you how to pack it correctly. The company decides in which way it will be more cost-effective to deliver it. Typically, shipping is selected, followed by air transportation. But this is an optional chain. During intermodal transportation, it is important to quickly reload goods from one unit to another. The cargo itself can also be directly in them (if it is bulk) or in tanks, barrels and so on. But the main thing is guaranteed safety. Because containers are reliable protection against weather conditions and external damage.

Cost and terms

The customer will know the price of transportation in advance and, moreover, he will be able to adjust it. For example, choose rail transport instead of air transportation. And this is a cheaper option. However, in this case, the company warns that part of the responsibility lies with the customer. Since it is not safe to transport some cargo by rail, it can take more time. With regard to sanitary standards and compliance with such rules, it is the responsibility of the shipper.

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