International transit

International transit

The transportation of goods from point A to point B with the crossing of borders of other states is called international transit. For example, when transporting parcels from Belarus to Moldova, Ukraine may be a transit country. International transit traffic contributes to the acceleration of trade. As a consequence, the development of foreign economic and domestic economic activity. Also they have a complex structure and are governed by cross-border agreements established by neighboring countries for mutually beneficial imports and exports.

Features of transit

But in contrast to domestic transport regulated by the laws of Ukraine, international cargo delivery it requires compliance with the laws of several states, international standards, the collection of a more extensive package of documents, customs clearance and more.

But to simplify the process of transit freight, there is the TIR Convention. It provides for the possibility of sealed vehicles passing through the territory of a transit country without physical inspection and re-issuance of documentation. Also currently, 68 countries support the Convention, including Ukraine.

The TIR system applies mainly to road transport, but also includes combined transit traffic, involving auto + rail, sea, river transport. A prerequisite is the sealing of a vehicle to exclude the possibility of illegal export of goods from a transit country. The route is from customs in one country (point of departure) to customs in another country (destination). It is also mandatory that the carrier has a Single TIR Carnet.

Types of international transit

Conditionally international transit traffic can be divided as follows:

  • According to the specifics of the organization.
    • Direct transit – transportation without cargo shipment at a customs warehouse.
    • Indirect transit – transportation using a customs warehouse.
  • According to the method of transportation.
    • trucking;
    • rail transportation;
    • air transportation;
    • shipping;
    • multimodal transport (involving several modes of transport).

The opportunity to expand the market with overseas goods, or to export products of our own manufacture, is beneficial to both commercial organizations and government agencies and enterprises. The transport company selects the type of transportation. Since it depends on the specifics of the cargo, peculiarities of the legislation of the countries, the profitability of using this or that transport.

International transit requirements

In order to transport goods in transit through one or several countries, the sender must collect a number of documents and take into account many nuances.

Among the main tasks:

  • Classification of the transported goods according to the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity (HS).
  • Preparation of a customs declaration, international waybill, transit documents.
  • Registration of participants of foreign economic activity in the customs base.
  • Drawing up a foreign trade contract-transaction taking into account the legislation of the transit country.
  • Issuing relevant cargo certificates.
  • Type of transport: for example, in the Alps you can only carry goods by rail.
  • Making a profitable and optimal route.

An independent attempt to carry out international cargo transportation is a deliberately complicated and, in most cases, losing business. But even a small mistake in the customs declaration can lead to the fact that the goods simply will not be allowed into the country of receipt. To establish profitable exports and imports with minimal loss of time and money, it is worth contacting a transport and logistics company.

Representatives of a proven logistics company will arrange international transit using the shortest and most cost-effective routes. Also taking into account the specifications of the forwarded cargo, the selection of a suitable mode of transport, cooperation with representatives of customs control – professional carriers take care of all the tasks. The result is fast, reliable transit transportation with minimal hassle and loss for the client.

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