The largest city in the UAE: why go to Dubai


Dubai is a city where time passes faster than anywhere else in the world. The youngest metropolis is famous for its skyscrapers, observation decks and other sights, as well as for the visual results of progress.

In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the leader in the ranking of the largest cities in the country. It is called the “Paris of the Persian Gulf”, and some call it “the eighth wonder of the world.” In this city, everyone is used to seeing flawlessly smooth roads, air-conditioned stops and squads of policemen driving Lamborghini or Ferrari. However, there are rules that tourists are required to follow. Firstly, it is undesirable to appear on the streets in overly open clothes; it is forbidden to consume alcohol-containing products outside the establishments in which they are sold: restaurants, clubs, hotels. And during the month of Ramadan, which is sacred to the entire Muslim world, you cannot eat outside until the sun goes down.

Why go to Dubai

There are several reasons why a visit to Dubai, the capital of progress and skyscrapers, simply cannot be postponed. First of all, it is worth going to the highest observation deck in the world. It is located in one of the many high-rise buildings called Burj Khalifa, in a fairly famous skyscraper. In just a few seconds, tourists get to the 148th floor of the building, which is located at an altitude of 560 meters. From here you can see Dubai at a glance. Because of the hot weather, sometimes the visibility on the site leaves much to be desired, so the best option is to visit the site in the evening, around 18-19 hours. At this time, the city is still clearly visible in the light of the sun, it will delight you with a bright and beautiful spectacle of the sunset and the show of dancing and singing fountains located at the steps of the building. By the way, Burj Khalifa is not only an office skyscraper. On some floors there are residential apartments of real people, several hotels, and one of the floors was completely bought out by a dollar billionaire.

The tourist title “eighth wonder of the world” was awarded to an artificial island, the largest in the world. The construction of the Palm Jumeirah took 95 million cubic meters of sand extracted from the bottom of the Persian Gulf. At the moment, the island boasts of villas, located here in the number of 1850-1900, more than 23 hotels, as well as an aquarium, a water park and a dolphinarium. You can get to the island by taxi, and movement on the island itself can be done using an automatic monorail train.

A pleasant surprise

And one more unexpected surprise for tourists who think they have arrived in the desert: here you can snowboard and ski. SKI DUBAI, a popular ski resort, is the largest in the world with five ski slopes. Still, its area can be compared to three full-fledged football fields. The snow reaches a height of half a meter, and thanks to some automated installations, the outer layer of snow is renewed every day.

Shopping in Dubai

Dubai boasts not only a myriad of riches and skyscrapers, but also shopping opportunities. Firstly, you can buy natural pearls there. Many residents of Dubai still mine this stone with their own hands, so jewelry with pearls from Dubai is a thing imbued with national spirit and color. Artificial pearls, as well as natural pearls, can be purchased at almost any bazaar and in any shopping and entertainment center. But the most pleasant purchase will come from the Gold Market. This bazaar sells world-famous Arabian gold, which has a bright yellow hue, and therefore bears the title of “lemon gold”. Moreover, the prices for these jewelry are democratic.

You can buy perfumery products in Dubai. In this country, perfumes are made using a different technology without attracting alcohol, since in the hot season it evaporates quickly. Another technique, different from the usual one, is that essential oils are the basis for perfumery products. In addition, local perfume traders can do a little trick and mix several different scents in front of a tourist.

What to spend money on in Dubai

What else can you spend your money and time on in Dubai? Here is a list of traditional goods that can and should be purchased in Dubai:

  • oriental sweets;
  • textile;
  • fur products;
  • coffee;
  • tobacco;
  • jewelry.

Thus, Dubai is a city of surprises that should be visited by every traveler who wants to know the whole world. After all, it is Dubai that is a symbol of the progress of the modern world, a high standard of living and just a mesmerizing city.

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