Wholesale goods from China to Ukraine

Wholesale goods from China

Wholesale goods from China – this is a real opportunity to earn. Quality, competitive price and a large assortment make Chinese manufacturers leaders in their industries. That is what makes it possible to earn in our country. It is enough to decide on a niche, find suppliers and a company that will help with delivery.

As our experience shows, if you approach the wholesale delivery solution from China correctly, you can achieve lower prices than wholesale suppliers in Ukraine.

Buy in bulk goods from China – we know how to do it profitably!

We work directly with China. Therefore, we help to choose suppliers, we provide a full range of delivery services. As well as working with regular and reliable suppliers, you can find the product of interest at a more affordable price. And to expand the assortment of the store and get more new customers. We accompany you from finding out the availability of goods in warehouses to final delivery.

Our services include:

  • Search for Chinese suppliers
  • Check for a license and all necessary documents
  • Payment for goods in China without additional interest
  • Delivery of goods in a convenient way.
  • Customs clearance.

What kind of goods can be brought in bulk from China

Business with China will be interesting and profitable for those who are ready to constantly surprise their customers and sell the most popular products. It is the popularity of Chinese new products that allows you to quickly sell large lots, thereby multiplying your income at times. These highly profitable products include:

  • Household equipment , mobile phones , covers, various card readers, etc. such goods in Ukraine can reach 1000%. Most often sells on Internet resources.
  • Cosmetics well-known brands, as well as Korean cosmetics.
  • Power Tools construction.
  • Baby products , including toys , baby transport and soft toys.
  • Clothing (branded and from Chinese manufacturers).
  • Accessories and tools for manicure, pedicure and other beauty spheres.
  • Seasonal items (sunglasses, swimwear, ski suits, accessories for snowboarding).
  • Stationery and kits for children’s creativity (pencils, pens, paintings by numbers, etc.).
  • New (every month China presents new products that are sold to us on the fly).

4 fears of working with China

  1. Possible marriage that no one will change

Our solution: check every unit before shipping, which avoids any marriage. Even if the goods are the cheapest, everything comes efficient.

  1. Payment issue .

Our solution: we offer a variety of payment options that will be convenient for the client.

  1. Delivery will be too long and I will lose profits.

Our solution: we will arrange delivery as soon as possible, which will be agreed in advance.

  1. How to find the most optimal prices and quality .

Our solution: we provide consulting services for choosing a product in a specific niche and offer several suppliers to choose from.

If you were unable to make an order on the site, then our managers will be happy to help you with this.

Wholesale delivery from China – how much does it cost?

The price of delivery is formed on the basis of several factors: express delivery from China or ordinary, especially customs clearance, type of delivery, as well as the volume of purchases. With all the nuances and miscalculations you will be familiarized before entering into a contract.

Our company, In Time, offers express delivery from China at the most pleasant rates without overpayments. Turning to us, you can be sure that the delivery process will not take much time, and the profit from the transaction will be much higher than the costs.

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