Organization of container transportation from China

Organization of container transportation

China accounts for a significant proportion of the international transport of goods. It is convenient to transport large consignments of goods by means of containers. For many contractors, this delivery method is optimal due to the convenience of tracking cargo during loading and unloading operations. An additional advantage is the design of the container itself, in which it is easy to transport even oversized cargo.

There is a special classification of containers that can be used to determine the type of container most suitable for the carriage of a particular product:

  • for piece goods, standard containers are intended, ranging from twenty to forty feet;
  • for perishable or live cargo (for example, animals) that needs a constant supply of fresh air, ventilated containers are selected;
  • insulated containers, for example, for the transport of dangerous or, conversely, valuable cargo;
    for frozen, chilled or products with a short shelf life, it is necessary to choose refrigerated containers with an optimal level of temperature maintained inside;
  • containers of the HighCube class for transportation of non-standard large volumes of cargo;
  • containers of the OpenTop class, characterized by the absence of a roof, which is suitable for transporting bulky cargo.

The popularity of container shipping from China

The popularity of container transportation is not less due to the convenience of loading and unloading operations. A significant part of the time is saved, compared to what was previously required for loading and unloading disparate parcels.

Cargo transportation from China is predominantly multimodal, that is, it uses several types of transport. Obviously, the cargoes enclosed in containers quickly and safely move from one transport to another, practically without delay.

If you pay attention to the map of the world, you can see that China has many seaports, from which cargo is sent to all cardinal points. For international cargo transportation from China, sea transport is often more profitable. Since an alternative to it can only be air transport, the price is incomparably more expensive. In addition, large consignments of goods can be transported by sea in containers. The only negative is long delivery, about forty days.

In the northern and western directions from China, rail transport has proven itself well, which is considered the most inexpensive and safest way of container transportation. For a long time, there has been an uninterrupted railway connection between Ukraine and China, therefore, the transportation of goods is carried out as soon as possible.

Despite the proximity of some international delivery points to the Chinese borders, road freight is rarely used. This is primarily due to the high cost of delivery. In exceptional cases, when the order needs to be delivered urgently, road transport can be used.

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